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Avete in Voi

duet for Soprano, Tenor, and Piano

duration 2'


Composed for: Joyce Andrews and
Frank Hoffmeister, 1984

Play Audio (complete)
Joyce Andrews, Soprano; Frank Hoffmeister, Tenor; Neal Goren, Piano
(private recording, New York, 1985) (2.56 MB mp3)

First Page of Score

Text and Translation:

Avete in voi li fiori e la verdura,
E ciò che luce, o è bello a vedere;
Risplende più che’ l sol vostra figura,
Chi voi non vede, mai non può valere.
In questo mondo non ha creatura
Sì piena di beltà nè di piacere,
E chi d’Amor temesse, l’assicura
Vostro bel viso e no puó più temere.

                                    octave of Sonnet XV by Guido Cavalcanti (1255-1300)


Thou hast in thee the flower and the green
And that which gleameth and is fair of sight,
Thy form is more resplendent than sun's sheen;
Who sees thee not, can ne'er know worth aright.
Nay, in this world there is no creature seen
So fashioned fair and full of all delight;
Fearers of Love who fearing meet thy mien,
Thereby assured, do solve them of their fright.

           trans. Ezra Pound, 1920, in Ezra Pound: Translations, New Directions, New York, 1963



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