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for SSAATTBB Voices and Piano    

duration 3'

Publisher: earthsongs

Composed for: The South Bend Chamber Singers,
Nancy Menk, Conductor

World Premiere: 1998, Notre Dame, Indiana

Play Audio Excerpt
The South Bend Chamber Singers, David Eicher, Piano
Nancy Menk, Conductor (live recording)
(505k mp3)

First Page of Score




In Celia's face a question did arise:
Which were more beautiful, her lips or eyes.
"We," said the eyes, "send forth those pointed darts
Which pierce the hardest adamantine hearts."
"From us," replied the lips, "proceed those blisses
Which lovers reap by kind words and sweet kisses."
Then wept the eyes, and from their springs did pour
Of liquid oriental pearl a shower,
Whereat the lips, moved with delight and pleasure,
Through a sweet smile unlocked their pearly treasure,
And bade Love judge whether did add more grace
Weeping or smiling pearls to Celia's face.

                                                              Thomas Carew (1595-1640)