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Drei Momente     I.  II. III.
(total duration 5')


I. Mir War So Weh

for STTTBB Voices
(with version for SSATBB)

duration 2'

Composed for: Singer Pur
World Premiere: 2002, Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany

Text and Translation:

Mir war so weh. Ich sah dich blass und bang.
Das war im Traum. Und deine Seele klang.

Ganz leise tönte meine Seele mit,
und beide Seelen sangen sich: Ich litt.

Da wurde Friede tief in mir. Ich lag
im Silberhimmel zwischen Traum und Tag.

                                             Rainer Maria Rilke (aus Advent, 1898)


I was so distraught. I saw you pale and frightened.
It was in a dream. And your soul cried out.

Quietly my soul intoned with yours,
and both souls sang: I suffered.

Then came peace deep within me. I lay
in the silver heaven between dream and day.

                                                                        (trans. William Hawley)




Translation Copyright © 2001 William Hawley
All rights reserved.


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