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Four Reveries     I.  II.  III.  IV.
(total duration 9½')
  II. Remembrance

for SSAATTBB Voices
duration 2½'

Commissioned by: Dr. Robert Bower,
for The Vocal Arts Ensemble of Cincinnati,
Earl Rivers, Music Director
World Premiere: 1995, Cincinnati

Play Audio Excerpt
The Vocal Arts Ensemble of Cincinnati,
Earl Rivers, Conductor
(375k mp3)

First Page of Score

Swifter far than summer's flight—
Swifter far than youth's delight—
Swifter far than happy night,
Art thou come and gone—
As the earth when leaves are dead,
As the night when sleep is sped,
As the heart when joy is fled,
I am left lone, alone.

The swallow summer comes again—
The owlet night resumes her reign—
But the wild–swan youth is fain
To fly with thee, false as thou. —
My heart each day desires the morrow;
Sleep itself is turned to sorrow;
Vainly would my winter borrow
Sunny leaves from any bough.

                                     Percy Bysshe Shelley



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