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In dulci jubilo

for S Ms A T Bar B Voices    

duration 3'

Publisher: Astrum Music Publications

Composed for: Singer Pur
World Premiere: 2006, Bad Kissingen, Germany

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Singer Pur
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First Page of Score


In dulci jubilo,
Nun singet und seid froh!
Unsers Herzens Wonne
Liegt in praesepio
Und leuchtet wie die Sonne
Matris in gremio.
Alpha es et O.

O Jesu parvule,
Nach Dir ist mir so weh.
Tröst mir mein Gemüte,
O puer optime,
Durch all Deine Güte,
O princeps gloriae.
Trahe me post te.

O Patris caritas!
O Nati lenitas!
Wir wären all verloren,
Per nostra crimina,
So hat er uns erworben
Coelorum gaudia.
Quanta gratia!

Ubi sunt gaudia?
Nirgend mehr denn da,
Wo die Engel singen
Nova cantica,
Und die Harfen klingen
In regis curia.
Eia, wär’n wir da!

Mater et filia
Ist Jungfrau Maria.
Wir wären gar verdorben
Per nostra crimina,
Nun hat sie uns erworben
Coelorum gaudia.
Quanta gratia!

                  Peter von Dresden, 1440


In sweet jubilation,
Let us sing and rejoice!
Our hearts' delight
Lies in a manger
And shines like the sun
In the lap of His mother.
He is the Beginning and End of all.

O little Jesus,
I long for You so,
Give solace to my soul,
O perfect Child,
Through Thy great benevolence,
O Prince of glory
Draw me unto Thee.

O Father of charity!
O Son of tenderness!
We were all lost,
Through our sins,
Now You have bought for us
The joys of heaven.
O Grace supreme!

Where is such gladness?
Nowhere more than there,
Where the angels sing
New songs,
And the harps sound
In the court of the King.
O, that we were there!

Both mother and daughter
Is the maiden Mary.
We were all corrupted
Through our sins,
Now have been bought for us
The joys of heaven.
O Grace supreme!

                      trans., William Hawley





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