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Three Songs     I.  II. III.
(total duration 6')

I. On The Story of Rimini

for Solo Soprano, Violin, and Piano

duration 1½'

Composed for: Dora Ohrenstein and Mary Rowell
World Premiere: 1985, Symphony Space, New York

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Dora Ohrenstein, Soprano; Mary Rowell, Violin;
Elizabeth Wright, Piano
(live recording of World Premiere)
(371k mp3)

First Page of Score


  Who loves to peer up at the morning sun,
With half-shut eyes and comfortable cheek,
Let him, with this sweet tale, full often seek
For meadows where the little rivers run;
Who loves to linger with that brightest one
Of Heaven—Hesperus—let him lowly speak
These numbers to the night, and starlight meek,
Or moon, if that her hunting be begun.
He who knows these delights, and too is prone
To moralize upon a smile or tear,
Will find at once a region of his own,
A bower for his spirit, and will steer
To alleys where the fir-tree drops its cone.
Where robins hop, and fallen leaves are sear.

                                                                    John Keats